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Podfolio is free to use. Always.

Finding you the best free content

Bored of searching for the perfect podcast or video? Overwhelmed by the amount of choice?

We handpick the best podcasts, videos and articles and organise them into engaging and informative topics. 

By curating handpicked content around a theme or subject, we do the hard work for you, freeing up your time to read, learn, discuss and debate.

Listen, watch and read on the go, anytime, anywhere.

A portfolio of Pods

We group our handpicked content on a topic or theme into a Pod. We then organise our Pods by category to bring you a portfolio of Pods, hence the name Podfolio.

Each Pod generally contains one or two podcasts, two or three videos and two to four articles that together explore a topic.  We also have an ‘Xtra’ section, where we list additional resources or further reading, if you want to explore the topic in more detail. Within the Pod categories, we have a number of podcast Collections, where we showcase podcast series that cover a similar broad area of interest.

About advertising

Our content is independent and unsponsored. Always. We choose the content of each Pod and any relevant advertising follows. We will not choose topics based on advertising ideas or sales potential, or allow advertisers to influence the content of our Pods. We do receive commission for purchases made through links in on this site. For example. Podfolio is an Amazon Associate and a HelloFresh and Boden Affiliate, earning commission from qualifying purchases. Also see our FAQs on advertising and how we make money.

Always free

We choose content that is relevant, useful and free. So we won’t select any podcasts, videos or articles that are behind a paywall. And creating an account is free too.

Become a member

Create a free account to become a member. Members can bookmark favourites, create collections, create bespoke Podclub pages, share collections with others, vote for topics under development, suggest new topics, and become guest curators.

Where to start

Browse our Pod Index to view all Pods or view Pods by category. There is also category for Collections.

For some Pods, we have a ‘Start Here’ section at the top where we highlight an individual podcast, video or article that we think sets the topic up well and so we suggest you start with that. 

The content of each Pod is bespoke and, depending upon the theme, is curated to be informative, helpful or spark debate. Our aim is to find the best content out there and present it to you in a helpful way. 

Why no books?

We like books too and we have a Book Club Category where you can find our ‘Beyond the Book‘ series, providing additional resources to enrich your book club debate. We also sometimes list books in our ‘Xtra’ section, where we provide links and additional information for those who want to explore a topic further.

But we are passionate about finding free, ready to play, digital content in the form of podcasts, videos and articles. A brilliant TED talk, followed by a well-informed podcast, supported by some easy ‘how to’ articles, which help you quickly explore and debate topics with just a few clicks.

Want to know more?

See our Frequently Asked Questions or take a look at our How To Videos


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