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Meet the team

Podfolio was founded by three friends: Penny Avis, Katie Bullivant and Sam Shaw.

They were inspired to create Podfolio when they tried to set up a Podclub (like a bookclub but for podcasts, TED talks and similar) and experienced first-hand how time consuming it was to find good content. Reviews were unreliable and there was no substitute for watching or listening to the content first. Hence the idea of Podfolio was born; a site that does all the hard work for you!

The business was launched in March 2020, one week before the first Covid-19 national lockdown, so it has been quite the journey! They are based in a virtual office in South-West London, supported by a team of brilliant service providers.

Penny Avis

Penny is a portfolio non-exec director, former Deloitte partner, self-confessed data geek and sometimes author.

Favourite Weekly Podcast: How To Fail
It reminds me that we are all human and that failure is part of the secret to success. Elizabeth Day is brilliant and it always teaches me something new.

Favourite Genre: Self-Improvment
I am a sucker for a self-help guide and love hearing from all the experts, particularly those with practical and easy to follow tips.

Favourite Pod: Thai Cave Rescue
It’s an astonishing story of how twelve boys trapped under ground for ten days were saved, in the most difficult cave rescue ever attempted.

Take a look at Penny’s Playlist

Katie Bullivant

Katie trained as a lawyer, worked in Sports Marketing and is an avid photographer and theatre-goer.

Favourite Weekly Podcast: Talk Art
I love this podcast because Russell Tovey and Robert Diament succeed in making art accessible, non-academic, non-elitist, gossipy and fun.

Favourite Genre: True Crime
In my opinion, you can’t beat a bit of True Crime and I think most people have an inner armchair detective! ┬áSerial was the first podcast I ever listened to, closely followed by My Favorite Murder and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Favourite Pod: Conspiracy Theories
Because they are as relevant today as they have been throughout history, from rumours of coup plotting lepers in 1321 to vaccines containing micro chips and rigged Presidential Elections in 2020.

Take a look at Katie’s Playlist

Sam Shaw

Sam had a career in Sales and Marketing, previously ran a bespoke art business and is a keen skier and cyclist.

Favourite Weekly Podcast: Postcards From Midlife
As a midlife mum with teenagers in the house, every episode resonates, educates but most importantly makes me laugh.

Favourite Genre: Investigative Reporting
There are some unbelievable but true stories, brilliantly reported in podcast format. The reporter takes you with them on their journey, keeping you on the edge of your seat, as they work to uncover the truth.

Favourite Pod: Dark Tourism
It was one of the first Pods I compiled and I enjoyed discovering the subject, delving into people’s fascination with the macabre and looking at the moral acceptability of these trips.

Take a look at Sam’s Playlist

Shout out to our service providers

Website design and development by Michael Mursell and Rob French from graphic designers A Fish In Sea

Social media setup strategy by Carrie Fisher from Social Media TLC

Company set up, tax and accounting support from Pearl Accountants


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