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October PodMag

As we say goodbye to summer and prepare for autumn, our PodMag this month focuses on decluttering, revamping your wardrobe and dealing with an empty nest. We have our usual features of podcast of the month and our featured book.

Plus this month we have profiled our music collection, updated for the brilliant Soul Music a series that explores the stories behind a song or piece of music.

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Podcast, book and pod of the month

Podcast of the month

Listen to something new

Every month we highlight a new podcast or podcast series that we’ve discovered on our travels.  No particular topics here, we just think you will enjoy them. Share what you think of them on our Podfolio social media platforms. If you come across something that you think we should add, do get in touch.

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American Dirt

Incredible or insulting

When American Dirt came out, it was an Oprah’s book club pick and became The Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller. It was optioned for a film adaptation by Clint Eastwood and was lauded by many as the ‘great immigration novel’. However since then it has received harsh criticism, particularly from many Latinx writers for what they felt was its stereotypical portrait of migrants from Mexico and Central America.  The controversy caused Jeanine Cummins to cancel her book tour and all events due to death threats and more.

There’s so much to discuss about this novel, so in addition to reading the book why not enrich your book club meeting by exploring the US/Mexico crisis further with podcasts and videos from the frontlines and discussions about the potential consequences of telling a story that is not your own.

Part of our ‘Beyond the Book’ Series. View

Music Collection

Music to my ears

Podcasts excel at telling stories, offering insight and adding depth to the music you are already listening to, or make you interested enough to listen to something completely different.  A good music podcast will not only add weight to your perception of an artist or song, but allow you to absorb crazy amounts of knowledge in an hour or less.

Here, we present a mix of podcasts from the comic to the academic and all points in between!

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Get Ready For Autumn


Is the state of your house linked to that of your mind

Does decluttering really help relieve stress and bring a sense of calm? Or does it set an impossibly high standard that just makes us feel worse, as we fail to achieve picture perfect tidiness? In this pod, we explore the ideas behind decluttering, the psychology behind how we feel about our possessions, the experts who swear by it and practical tips and ideas for making a few small changes, for those that end up inspired to try.

SHOP To support this Pod, we have handpicked a great selection of shelf units, storage containers, baskets and bags. Plenty of inspiration to help clear your mind and your surfaces. View our Decluttering Shop page.

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Style Yourself

Find your colours, body shape and personal style

Learn how to style yourself at home. Find out what colours look best on you, how to determine your body shape, how to declutter and revamp your wardrobe and tips for finding your personal style. A bit of focus and a few simple changes can make a real difference.

You can also work out how to identify your face shape, so you can choose hairstyles, glasses and sunglasses that will suit you best. All from the comfort of your desk or sofa.

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Empty Nest

Dealing with Empty Nest Syndrome

When your children leave home, it can trigger a range of emotions, from pride and satisfaction to sadness and loss. It is a transitional period of life that many struggle to get used to, particularly those who have spent many years at home caring for the children.  But it is also a time that brings new opportunities, time to discover new hobbies or reignite old ones, revitalise your relationships with your partner and explore new horizons. Discover how you can make the most of this key stage of life.

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