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Ageing parents

How can I help my ageing parents?

Ageing is a fact of life but caring for elderly parents is a role reversal that few people find particularly easy. As life spans lengthen, adult children in their 50’s and 60’s are increasingly caring for frail, older parents. In fact, 1 in 5 people in the UK are carers to an older family member. The resources in this Pod touch on the many issues you may face while caring for an ageing parent and offer plenty of helpful tips and advice.

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Childfree by choice

To baby or not to baby?

Being childfree is still one of the oldest taboos, and some women who choose not to have children feel regularly judged by others and suffer push back from society and friends. They feel they are denied the status of being ‘real’ women because they have made the decision not to be mothers.

But parenthood is not the only path to a happy, productive life and more people than ever are choosing to forgo it. In fact 1 in 5 women in the UK over 45 don’t have children, a much bigger number than most people realise.

It is time to remove the stigma and openly discuss a choice that many are taking.

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Dying Matters

Practical steps after the death of a loved one.

Experiencing the death of someone close can be extremely difficult. Even more so when you have to take responsibility for all the many procedures that ensue. From registering the death to dealing with the person’s property, the tasks can be overwhelming especially when you’re grieving.

Find helpful advice in this Pod about funeral planning, wills, probate and dealing with grief.

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Empty Nest

Dealing with Empty Nest Syndrome

When your children leave home, it can trigger a range of emotions, from pride and satisfaction to sadness and loss. It is a transitional period of life that many struggle to get used to, particularly those who have spent many years at home caring for the children.  But it is also a time that brings new opportunities, time to discover new hobbies or reignite old ones, revitalise your relationships with your partner and explore new horizons. Discover how you can make the most of this key stage of life.

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From Mum to Granny

Help I’m a Grandparent

Gone are the days of grannies as grey-haired ladies who knit blankets, nowadays half of British grandparents are under 65. Becoming a grandparent can be an incredibly rewarding and happy experience. However, it isn’t always without its challenges. Here we look at what being a grandparent might involve, tips for new grandparents, and general advice on this major milestone.

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Life after divorce

Advice and support to help you survive and thrive

If you are looking for some support and advice for life during and after divorce, then this Pod can help. Full of practical, thoughtful and expert advice it covers subjects such as how to tell the children, surviving the first few weeks, parenting after divorce, dealing with finances, introducing a new partner and caring for your emotional wellbeing. There are also stories from others who have been through the same thing and in the Xtra section, we list a few ideas of where you can find more help and support.

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Midlife Musings

Great Podcasts for Midlife Women

Our pick of the best podcasts that aim to inspire and empower women over 40. Join the conversation and listen to these podcasts offering advice about midlife, menopause and health. Informative, entertaining and humorous.

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Navigating Midlife

Ideas to help you navigate, thrive and embrace life

Midlife doesn’t need to be a crisis. It’s never too late to pursue your dreams, change your vocation or try something new. Live the second half of your life with renewed passion and zest.

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Preparing for Uni

Homesickness, packing and how to make friends

For many young people, going away to University will be the first time they will live away from home and it can be a hugely daunting experience. How can you help them prepare? In this Pod, we explore tips and advice on dealing with homesickness, what to pack, how to make friends and settle in and getting used to independent study.

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Talking Menopause

You’re not mad, you’re menopausal

Cut through the confusion of symptoms and learn how menopause is affecting you both physically and mentally. Women should no longer be invisible and suffer menopausal symptoms in silence. This Pod offers help and advice from the leading experts with links to the many resources that are out there to help you during this difficult life stage.

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The Right To Die

Dying with dignity or playing God?

Do we have the right to die? Is it ever ok to end the life of another? Should people be allowed to choose their own death in accordance with their own wishes, or has death on demand gone too far? Is there a slippery slope? As of 2019, assisted dying is still illegal in the UK but accepted in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, five states in the USA and Canada. Many people are against assisted dying for religious or moral reasons. They fear the floodgates might be opened leading to uncontrollable killing of vulnerable people. In this Pod, the podcasts generally voice the debates of the issues and factors involved, whilst the individual stories in the video section present the human side of the issue.

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