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Anti Social Media

Is addictive use of social media making us depressed?

There’s no doubt that social media shines when it’s being used as a force for good however more often its been blamed for causing feelings of inadequacy, anxiety and self-loathing and has been linked to an increased in loneliness. In this Pod we explore the issues and ask how we can be more mindful of our social media presence and make technology work for us rather than against us.

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Disney Princesses

Should we be more critical of the stories we tell our kids?

Disney has tried to diversify and empower its princesses, they have evolved significantly as a response to, and a reflection of, changing social norms. From helpless, subservient Snow White to today’s strong, independent, girl power-oriented Moana. But have they done enough?

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Exam Stress

How to help your children deal with exam stress

Feeling pressure to work hard can be a useful motivator but when stress levels get too high, it becomes counter productive. And when does your stress also get in the way? In this Pod, we look at the causes of exam stress and highlight useful tips, ideas and strategies for dealing with it.

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Family Gap Year

Set off on an adventure around the world

The growth of the internet has allowed families to connect, explore and learn in ways never previously imaginable, and on very low budgets. The family gap year is a dream many have imagined but can be hugely daunting. Here we explore how some families have taken a leap of faith and are making their adventures happen. Be inspired as they share their stories, experiences and lessons learnt.

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Helicopter Parenting

How to break free from the trap of over parenting

We want to be engaged with our children and their lives, but not be so emmeshed that we lose perspective on what they need. But when does engaged parenting become overparenting and rather than build self-reliant and confident children our influence on our children becomes negative?

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The ethics of social media influencers

Is it time to regulate social media influencers? Brands are pouring billions of pounds into partnering with influencers who can reach consumers on social media but many operate with no ethical framework. Whether it’s promoting products they don’t use or not declaring sponsored posts, this fast growing and largely unregulated practice is an ethical minefield. What are rules and is it possible to get it right? Who should we believe and when? And is it really the career of the future?

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Raising Teenagers

What is going on in the teenage brain?

As children become teenagers, their brains undergo a transformational period of development that can impact mood, sleep patterns and attitudes to risk. They can challenge even the calmest of parents with aloof, baffling, stressful or worrying behaviour.  A better understanding of these changes can help you adapt your parenting style, navigate your way through problems and difficult situations and build a better relationship with your teenager. While teenagers might need support with decision making and planning, it is also a period of great opportunity for learning and creativity. This Pod will help you make the most of these precious years.

Part of our Life Stages Collection.

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Raising resilient kids

Resilience is the ability to bounce back and overcome difficult experiences and is an essential tool that helps kids navigate their way through life’s inevitable challenges.

Every parent hopes that their child will grow to become a confident and self-reliant adult, but how do you raise a resilient child when your gut feeling is to protect them from all the bad things?

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Self Harm

For parents of those dealing with self-injury

Discovering that your teen “cuts” or self-injures his or her body is absolutely terrifying for a parent. Resources in this Pod help with the identification of the early signs, explore the issues involved, discuss how to open lines of communication with your teen and what you can do to support them.

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What’s in a name?

Does your name shape your destiny?

How important is picking the right name for your child? Well, if academic studies are correct names can have consequences for a person’s job prospects, where they live, marriage prospects and even school results. Our name confers our sense of identity and uniqueness, which is why they are so important to both us and to society.

Name inspiration may come from family, religion, book or TV characters, celebrity or nature. But decide wisely, as a name is more than just a name!

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