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Business Travel Tips

Travel smarter and smoother

Travelling for business can be a bit of a chore to say the least. If you enjoy meeting new people and seeing new places, it can seem exciting for a while, but soon living out of a suitcase ceases to be attractive. Even more so if you do a lot of business miles over the course of the year, or are away from home for long periods at a time working on a longer term project.

Preparation is always the key to making the trip more comfortable and enjoyable, so here are some business travel tips and hacks that will really make a difference to how your business travel feels.

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Dark Tourism

What is it and why is it so popular?

Coined around 20 years ago for ‘tourists’ visiting sites, attractions or exhibitions made famous by death, suffering and disaster. Will Coldwell in the Guardian writes: ‘When it comes to holiday jaunts, the site of a nuclear disaster zone, the home of a serial killer or the execution chamber of a former state prison don’t scream “wish you were here”. But while it might not be everyone’s idea of fun, demand for macabre attractions and disturbing experiences that recreate horrific moments in history is growing – dark tourism is on the rise.’

The following pieces will open your eyes to the differing aspects of Dark Tourism and have you question the ethics and morals around it.

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Family Gap Year

Set off on an adventure around the world

The growth of the internet has allowed families to connect, explore and learn in ways never previously imaginable, and on very low budgets. The family gap year is a dream many have imagined but can be hugely daunting. Here we explore how some families have taken a leap of faith and are making their adventures happen. Be inspired as they share their stories, experiences and lessons learnt.

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Preparing for Uni

Homesickness, packing and how to make friends

For many young people, going away to University will be the first time they will live away from home and it can be a hugely daunting experience. How can you help them prepare? In this Pod, we explore tips and advice on dealing with homesickness, what to pack, how to make friends and settle in and getting used to independent study.

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