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Business Travel Tips

Travel smarter and smoother

Travelling for business can be a bit of a chore to say the least. If you enjoy meeting new people and seeing new places, it can seem exciting for a while, but soon living out of a suitcase ceases to be attractive. Even more so if you do a lot of business miles over the course of the year, or are away from home for long periods at a time working on a longer term project.

Preparation is always the key to making the trip more comfortable and enjoyable, so here are some business travel tips and hacks that will really make a difference to how your business travel feels.

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Flexible Working

Has 9 to 5 had it’s day?

Flexibility can benefit everyone, if you do it right. In a flexible working arrangement, an employee has some say over how, where or when they work. Whether this involves working from home, working part-time, job sharing or having another kind of flexitime arrangement. With such a wide range of technologies, new working methods and communication solutions available to employers today, there is no reason why flexible working can’t be a universally advantageous endeavour. In a Forbes study, remote workers were happier, felt more valued and felt more productive. But it also highlighted the importance of management communication, goals setting and focus to avoid any pitfalls.

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen businesses adopt flexible working practices, like remote working, at an unprecedented rate. Will this culture change continue to be embraced after the pandemic?

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Money matters

Your finances made simple

Learn how to manage your own money and build financial independence, whatever your goals. Take control of your finances, with easy to understand, straight forward advice.

We have focused this Pod on women, as research from YouGov Omnibus has shown that over half of women have never owned any investments, with a lack of knowledge and confidence holding them back. However, the resources here are useful for anyone wanting to understand their finances better.

This Pod covers tips and ideas for setting household budgets, planning for the future with savings and investments, dealing with financial shocks, pensions made easy and much more. With simple, user friendly language and practical tips that can make managing your money a whole lot easier.

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Personality Types

Be the type of person you want to meet

Taking a personality test can be both fun and revealing. But how reliable are they and do they ever tell us anything we don’t already know? Being curious to understand ourselves better is part of human nature but can knowing more about our personality type really help us make better decisions or build stronger relationships? Personality assessments are also commonly used in the workplace, as part of an interview process or career development. But some complain of being sidelined, or even sacked, when the test doesn’t give the answer the employer is looking for. In this Pod, we explore how personality tests work, why we love them so much and how to use them wisely.

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Getting back to work after a long career break

Returning to work after many years away can be a daunting prospect. Your skills feel out of date and it can be hard to know where to begin. However, many employers now offer Return to Work programmes or ‘Returnships’, which act as a bridge back to a roles for those who have taken extended career breaks. In this Pod, we look at how Returnships work and explore lots of other strategies, tips and ideas to help you start thinking about getting back to work with renewed confidence and a sense of excitement.

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Steps to success

Unlock your leadership potential

Leadership is a journey and contrary to popular belief, people are not born leaders. Most of the skills that you need can be taught.

Find out how enhance your career prospects, by improving your gravitas and leadership presence. Explore the characteristics of authentic leaders, why psychological safety at work is so important and what drives company culture. A rich set of resources full of simple, easy to access tip, hints and advice for improving your leadership skills.

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Style Yourself

Find your colours, body shape and personal style

Learn how to style yourself at home. Find out what colours look best on you, how to determine your body shape, how to declutter and revamp your wardrobe and tips for finding your personal style. A bit of focus and a few simple changes can make a real difference.

You can also work out how to identify your face shape, so you can choose hairstyles, glasses and sunglasses that will suit you best. All from the comfort of your desk or sofa.

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Women Leaders

Straightforward advice for ambitious women

In this Pod, we are focusing on advice and tips for Women in Leadership. We explore subjects such as the likeability dilemma, imposter syndrome and the role of men in building gender equality at work. With advice of how to make yourself heard, interviews with inspiring women, reports on the progression of women in the workplace and details of the ten best business books written by women, there is something here for everyone.

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Working From Home

Ways to work well from home

More people are working from home than ever. These tips can help you stay productive and maintain balance. Videos cover: setting up your home office, a standing desk review, general working from home productivity tips, Zoom tricks you might not know, posture exercises and information on taking care of your mental health whilst working remotely.

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