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POD: Life Stages

Exam Stress

How to help your children deal with exam stress

Feeling pressure to work hard can be a useful motivator but when stress levels get too high, it becomes counter productive. And when does your stress also get in the way? In this Pod, we look at the causes of exam stress and highlight useful tips, ideas and strategies for dealing with it.

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Techniques for Managing Exam Stress and Anxiety

(1Hr 13 mins)

Techniques to manage exam stress and anxiety. The Exam Coach Podcast.


Why There’s No Point In Your Teen Revising When They’re Stressed

(10 mins)

Clare Josa is spills the beans on how OUR exam fears can get in the way of our kids’ success. How To Beat Exam Stress Podcast.




What do top students do differently?

(14 minute)

Douglas Barton is the founder and Global Chairman of Elevate Education. Douglas and Elevate has spent the last 13 years benchmarking the practices of the highest performing students in order to identify exactly what drives student performance


Top tips on preparing your children for exams

(2 minute)

The journalist and author of Black Box Thinking, Matthew Syed, shares his top 5 tips for getting your children prepared for their exams.


3 Simple Steps to be less stressed at school

(6 minute)

James Davey is an online exam coach, he shares simple steps to be less stressed at school. It will help you to get rid of stress and take back control of your school work vs life balance.



Young Minds


Pressure to do well in exams can be overwhelming and affect your mental health.  Here is some advice from the Young Minds team if it’s all getting a bit too much.

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Supporting your teenager through their exams


Family Lives is a charity helping parents to deal with the changes that are a constant part of family life. Here they give advise on supporting your teenager through their exams

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Parents – How To Handle Exam Stress.


A Guide For Parents by Linda Barbour As a parent it can be difficult to know what to do for the best, here are some tips to help you and your child feel more confident and less stressed through this challenging time for you both.

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