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POD: Life Stages

Helicopter Parenting

How to break free from the trap of over parenting

We want to be engaged with our children and their lives, but not be so emmeshed that we lose perspective on what they need. But when does engaged parenting become overparenting and rather than build self-reliant and confident children our influence on our children becomes negative?

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Helicopter Parent or Parachute Parent?

(12 mins)

Despite our best intensions, our own agendas can sometimes lead to unrealistic and sometimes lofty expectations for our children. These are not helping them to develop the skills they need to function as adults and can even rob them of the capacity to trust in themselves. Parenting in The Thick Of It with Louise Clarke
Julie’s Ted talk, referenced in this Podcast, is in our video section below.


Esther Wojcicki and the TRICK Framework

(1 hr 7 mins )

Esther Wojcicki author of ‘How do you raise successful people’, shares her TRICK strategy. It stands for trust, respect, independence, collaboration and kindness. Raising to Rise Podcast.


How to Stop Worrying and Avoid Helicopter Parenting

(8 mins)

Learn how you can stop worrying and avoid helicopter parenting with these 6 tips from Debbie Pincus, author of The Calm Parent: AM & PM.




How to raise successful kids without over-parenting

(14 mins )

By loading kids with high expectations and micromanaging their lives at every turn, helicopter parents aren’t actually helping. At least, that’s how Julie Lythcott-Haims sees it. With passion and wry humour she makes the case for parents to stop defining their children’s success via grades and test scores.


How to learn? From mistakes

(10 mins)

A helicopter parent might want to protect their child from failure, however allowing children to fail is instructional in the process of learning. Diana Laufenberg explores this concept from a teacher’s point of view, but it is equally transferable to parents. How encouraging children to find answers for themselves builds inquisitive minds, experiential learning and the ability to embrace failure and learn from it.



What Is Helicopter Parenting?


Confused about how to be an involved parent without smothering your kids read this article By Kate Bayless for

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Why I Choose to Be a Helicopter Parent


Being a Helicopter Parent is usually considered a bad thing, but Kathleen Odenthal believes that this style of parenting has its time and place.

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Parenting Styles: What Type of Parent Are You?

How to raise successful kids without overparenting


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