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Bed Of Lies

They have the perfect relationship, until one day he vanishes. Her hunt leads to other women just like her and a web of state-spun lies. Cara McGoogan investigates one of Britain’s biggest secrets and talks to the women who unwittingly formed relationships with undercover policemen. Click here to see other recommended Investigative Reporting Podcasts.

7 Episodes


Girl Taken

A stolen daughter, a grieving mother and a real life search for the truth. Join BBC Journalist Sue Mitchell and former soldier Rob Lawrie in the race to find a little girl taken.

10 Episodes


Wind Of Change

It’s 1990. The Berlin Wall just fell. The Soviet Union is on the verge of collapse. And the soundtrack to the revolution is one of the best selling songs of all time, the metal ballad “Wind of Change” by the Scorpions. Decades later, journalist Patrick Radden Keefe heard a rumour: the song wasn’t written by the Scorpions. It was written by the CIA. This is his journey to find the truth.

8 Episodes


The Case of the Missing Hit

(52 mins )

This compelling and uplifting story has rightly been touted as being one of the best podcasts episodes ever. A man in California is haunted by the memory of a pop song from his youth. He can remember the lyrics and the melody. But the song itself has vanished, completely scrubbed from the internet. Reply-All’s PJ Vogt takes takes on the task of trying to track it down.


Fake Heiress

The woman who scammed New York. It was a scandal that shook a city’s wealthy elite. In Fake Heiress, a podcast from BBC Radio 4, journalist Vicky Baker charts the rise and fall of Anna Delvey, who conned New York high society into believing that she was a multi-millionaire heiress. Here Vicky explains the story of one of the most successful impostors of our time.


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