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One Of Us Is Lying

Breakfast Club with a twist

An award-winning young adult, mystery/suspense novel by author Karen M. McManus. One of Us Is Lying is the story of what happens when five students, with contrasting personalities walk into detention and only four walk out alive. Bronwyn the brain. Addy the beauty. Nate the criminal. Cooper the athlete and Simon the outcast. The victim, known for exposing everyone’s darkest secrets through a gossip app, has plenty of enemies, but who has the biggest motive? Everyone is a suspect, and everyone has something to hide and one of them is definitely lying. Pay close attention and you might solve this. Everyone has secrets, right? What really matters is how far you would go to protect them.

Part of our ‘Beyond the Book’ Series. View

Lying is an inherent part of being human and we all do it, take a deeper look in our Why We Lie Pod View 



Interview with Karen McManus

(28 mins)

Learn more about the author Karen McManus as she is interviewed by B&N Young Adult Podcast. They talked to McManus about One of Us is Lying and also about her follow up book. They talk about she developed her writing skills, what inspires her, how she plots a sprawling story, and how she finds time to write.


Podcast Review

(18 mins)

Two and a Half Librarians, discuss “One of Us is Lying” by Karen McManus. Two and a Half Librarians is a podcast by the Prescott Valley Public Library. Spoiler Alert !


Liar, Liar, Liar

(29 mins)

We all lie. But what separates the average person from the infamous cheaters we see on the news? Dan Ariely says we like to think it’s character — but in his research he’s found it’s more often opportunity. Dan Ariely is a professor at Duke University and the author of the book, The Honest Truth About Dishonesty: How We Lie to Everyone — Especially Ourselves.




BookTalk with One Of Us Is Lying author Karen McManus!

(8 mins )

An interview with Karen McManus about her inspiration behind the story, developing the backstory for the characters in the book and her recommended thrillers.


Why do people lie and how often are you lied to?

(6 mins)

Why do we lie? And how often are you lied to? Well, sorry to break it to you, but it’s probably more than you think. People lie to avoid punishment, for personal gain or because they get a kick out of it. Basically there are lots of reasons that people lie (and everybody does it). From BBC Ideas.



One of Us Is Lying – An Interview With Karen McManus


An interview with the author by Tabitha Lord for

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These Are History’s Most Notorious Liars


From scientists to presidents, famous people throughout history have told infamous lies. By Claudia Kalb for National Geographic.

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Karen McManus Website


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