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Disney Princesses

Should we be more critical of the stories we tell our kids?

Disney has tried to diversify and empower its princesses, they have evolved significantly as a response to, and a reflection of, changing social norms. From helpless, subservient Snow White to today’s strong, independent, girl power-oriented Moana. But have they done enough?

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Evolution of the Disney Princess.

(7 mins )

To get you in the mood and give you a reminder of all the Princesses, Evynne Hollens presents a medley of all 14 Disney Princess from 1937 until 2013, from Snow White to Elsa !




Happily, Ever After Podcast by Dissecting Dragons

(1 hr 5 mins)

What is it that makes those Disney Princess animated films so enduring, appealing across divides of age, gender and generation? Find out as the dragons take a trip from 1937 to 2016, from Snow White to Moana.


Princess Anna Isn’t a Fan of Snow White

(59 mins )

Disney Princess movies magnify stereotypes in girls, its therefore not unusual for them to catch the ire of those looking for an easy target. Discussion about whether criticism of Disney princesses is valid. The Disney Movie Review Podcast.




The Power and Problem of Princesses

(21 mins )

Ever noticed how the Disney Princesses all look strangely alike? How their faces appear on everything from food to footwear? How their movies dominate the box office whenever they come out?
Zara dissects the unparalleled success, unrecognised weaknesses, and unrealised potential of the Disney Princess franchise.Zara Brownless, TEDx University of Edinburgh.


Bring on the female superheroes !

(15 MIns )

Why is it so hard to find female superhero merchandise? In this passionate, sparkling talk, media studies scholar (and father of a Star Wars-obsessed daughter) Christopher Bell addresses the alarming lack of female superheroes in the toys and products marketed to kids — and what it means for how we teach them about the world. Christopher Bell TEDx.


How Movies Teach Manhood.

(13 mins )

When Colin Stokes’ 3-year-old son caught a glimpse of Star Wars, he was instantly obsessed. But what messages did he absorb from the sci-fi classic? Stokes asks for more movies that send positive messages to boys: that cooperation is heroic, and respecting women is as manly as defeating the villain.



The Evolution Of The Disney Princess


Film is a highly influential cultural medium, and has major influence in the empowerment or disempowerment of women. Pop-culture entertainment, led by cultural giant Disney, not only reflects what audiences want to see, but it also sets standards of acceptable behaviour that are followed around the world. Jo Bradley for Film Inquiry.

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How Disney Princesses Influence Girls Around The World


Detailing Charu Uppal study on the effects of Disney princesses on girls. Has Disney done enough to diversify away from the traditional white and western princess image. by Susie Neilson for NPR


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How ‘Moana’ Finally Settled The Disney Princess Debate


Which Disney heroines have been ‘Inducted’ into the official Disney Princess Brand and does it matter, particularly as Disney now seems to recognise that character and story are more important than royal bloodlines by Jon Negroni.

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Princess Rap Battle. Elsa vs. Snow White

After Ever After – Disney Parody by Paint

Disney Disorders – A Disney Princess Parody.

The Disney Princess Tournament. Who Wins Podcast

Questions To Spark Debate


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