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The ethics of social media influencers

Is it time to regulate social media influencers? Brands are pouring billions of pounds into partnering with influencers who can reach consumers on social media but many operate with no ethical framework. Whether it’s promoting products they don’t use or not declaring sponsored posts, this fast growing and largely unregulated practice is an ethical minefield. What are rules and is it possible to get it right? Who should we believe and when? And is it really the career of the future?

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Social Media Influencing

(19 mins)

Amy Phipps (founder of the Women Who Create UK community, creative business retreats and website) and Debbie Clarke (digital coach, brand strategist, empowering women to work smarter with social media), talking about their understanding and experience of working with or choosing not to work with brands as influencers.


The Influencer Business

(49 mins)

The Thought Show for the BBC investigates the impact of influencers – people with powerful social media followings. What are the rules and ethics around advertising and promotion?




How Influencers Have Transformed Modern Marketing

(14 mins)

Rachel David is a popular YouTube personality, entrepreneur, and the CEO of Hashtag Communications, a marketing agency that connects brands with influencers online. She’s on the cutting edge of the new world of influencer marketing and she’s helping brands connect better to their customers than ever before.


Million Pound Selfie Sell Off

(28 mins)

The rise of social media has brought with it a new kind of celebrity, the digital influencer. These megastars of Instagram and YouTube have upended the advertising industry by converting their virtual followers into real-world currency. Big-name brands have flocked to online stars, paying them millions to endorse their products, but the market has been criticised as being a ‘Wild West’ of misleading and unregulated advertising, plugging everything from bogus diet drinks to online gambling to young audiences.

Panorama investigates whether companies are being up front and the impact this new form of advertising is having on consumers.


The problem with social media influencers

(5 mins)

Nikhil Reddy discusses the problems with social media influencers, and the sense of responsibility that they seem to have forgotten.



The WIRED Guide to Influencers


Not all popular social media users are influencers—some are simply online celebrities, entertainers, comedians, or cute animals—nor are all celebrities influencers. So what is an influencer, really? By Paris Martineau for Wired.

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How Do Influencers Make Money?


Most people know that influencers can earn money from their blogs or social media accounts. It isn’t just a hobby for them, but a way to bring in an income, and for some, it is a full-time job. Yet one of the most common questions we get is how do they earn money? By Dalene Heck and Catherine Reed for Hecktic Media.

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Is Being A Social Media Influencer A Real Career?


Apparently a lot of people not only appreciate what an influencer does, but a majority of social media consumers actually want to become influencers. By Peter Suciu for Forbes.

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How To Become An Influencer Full-Time


Want to ditch your day job to do something you love? Truth is, you might already have the answer. If you have 3k followers or more on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you can turn this into an income. By Tribe.

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ASA – Guidance for social influencers

PRWeek’s Influencer360 conference

The Influencer Marketing Agency

The Ultimate List of Instagram Influencers


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