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Mindful Drinking

The rise of the sober curious

Becoming sober or at least sober-curious is something that seems to be on the lips of many mid-lifers. Are you starting to reflect on your relationship with alcohol and thinking you might like to change it ?

Whether you are thinking about taking a break, are considering moderating your drinking or contemplating going alcohol free, there is a whole community out there that can help you with your journey. Use the resources in this Pod to learn more, hear from others on this path and get tips and advice from the experts.

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Mindful drinking for the sober curious – could you give up alcohol?

(18 mins)

How today’s students are changing their attitudes to alcohol. Hear from Laura Willoughby of Club Soda who talks about taking notice of what’s right for you drink wise. Millie Gooch the founder of the Sober Girl Society tells her story and Professor David Nutt who believes drinking less alcohol should be a national priority and is worse than drugs.



Changing How We Drink with Ben Branson

(57 mins)

The Sober Curious Podcast has an interesting chat to Seedlip founder Ben Branson who created a whole new category when he launched the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits in 2015. Providing those abstaining with something new to drink, and helping to normalize the choice not to drink. Since then, the “no-and-low” category has exploded, with so many alcohol-free options on the market helping people make the conscious choice not to drink.


Rosamund Dean & Clemmie Telford On Mindful Drinking & Sobriety As A Parent

(59 mins)

Rosamund Dean, author of the book Mindful Drinking: How Cutting Down Can Change Your Life, talks about what mindful drinking means to her, how she plans in alcohol-free days every week and the benefits she feels.  Clemmie Telford who gave up drinking earlier this year, talks about the moment she decided to go sober, how she’s navigating nights out and weddings alcohol-free and how she’s never slept better.


Dry January with Sober Dave

(34 mins)

From our late 40s we just can’t drink like we used to, we’re suddenly suffering from ‘hangxiety’, we’re noticing health niggles. It’s probably a time when we should all become more mindful about our boozing. Dave Wilson decided at 55 to ‘go sober’ in January 2019. He created an Instagram account – @soberdave. Your Next Episode Podcast talks with Dave and the an incredible online community that he’s part of.




Being ‘Sober Curious,’ an approach to not drinking with better wellness in mind

(8 mins )

Followers of this growing movement say it’s not abstaining from alcohol altogether but rather taking note of how drinking alcohol has impacted you and making changes.


Making sober less shameful

(12 mins)

Clare Pooley gave up alcohol in March 2015 and is on a mission to make sobriety less shameful for everyone. Clare Pooley is a mum of three who had a long love affair with high priced, good quality wine until she realised that the relationship was going nowhere. In 2014 she started a blog called ‘Mummy was a Secret Drinker’ under the pseudonym SoberMummy, and has now published a book, ‘The Sober Diaries’.



The 7 Habits to Mindful Drinking


Mindful drinking is all about deciding what is right for you. You are in control. Here are some habits or behaviours, from Club Soda, that will help you achieve your goals, and stick to your resolutions.

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17 ways to unwind after a stressful day, without hitting the booze


If you’re attempting to give up alcohol for Sober October or Dry January, it may be the hour after work that ruins your plans. Here’s how to relax without reaching for alcohol. Tim Dowling for The Guardian.

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A Dozen Dirty Sober Success Secrets


Get free, stay free. 12 sober secrets to get you through the first few weeks.

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16 of the best alcohol-free and low alcohol drink options


From non-alcoholic wine to beers, gins and Prosecco, Cosmopolitan Magazine reviews their favourites.

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