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Is the state of your house linked to that of your mind

Does decluttering really help relieve stress and bring a sense of calm? Or does it set an impossibly high standard that just makes us feel worse, as we fail to achieve picture perfect tidiness? In this pod, we explore the ideas behind decluttering, the psychology behind how we feel about our possessions, the experts who swear by it and practical tips and ideas for making a few small changes, for those that end up inspired to try.

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How to declutter your space to uncover joy

(54 mins)

Helen Sanderson, founder of Ministry of Calm… gives insight into decluttering our space and finding more joy. Helen calls herself a Space Therapist and uses her combined skills of psychotherapy and interior design to help create the perfect spaces for calm and wellbeing. From the Marina Pearson ‘The Joy Of Being’ podcast series.




On hoarding and how to declutter

(36 mins)

BBC Radio York’s Jonathan Cowap chats with Professional Organiser Hannah Young and Psychologist Stuart Whomsley about why people hoard and the process of decluttering




10 Tips to declutter your home

(5 minute)

Are you overwhelmed with clutter? Is there chaos in your home? In this video, The Whole Happy Life shares her simple, practical tips to get started with decluttering and minimalism.


Extreme Konmari Method Decluttering: Before and After

(17 minute)

Dana and Lou from Wild We Roam use the Marie Kondo method of decluttering to clear a very full bedroom in two days


What I wish I knew before starting minimalism

(7 minute)

A short video on things to think about before you think about getting rid of your stuff. Is it for you? By Pick Up Limes



Why decluttering is so hard?


The psychology behind what’s most difficult to give away

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When is decluttering too much?


There’s a line of thinking that having a clutter-free, organised home is obsessive and unrealistic and that decluttering and organising are the enemy. This article explores how to have healthy and balanced relationship with our physical environment.

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The difference between decluttering and organising


A great rule to adopt is “declutter first, storage second.” The words ‘decluttering’ and ‘organising’ are sometimes used interchangeably. However, they are two very different processes.

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Alas, I Will Never Actually De-Clutter My House


Objects have value because you bought them with your own hard-earned money or acquired them through fate or some stroke of savvy, and if they’re not totally broken or torn, their merit is intrinsic.

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Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

ADPO: Association of Professional Declutterers & Organiser

The rise of ‘cleanfluencers’

Planning A January De-Clutter? Ways To Get Rid Of Stuff And Give Back

musicMagpie is the easiest way to declutter and get cash for your unwanted stuff


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